Motorcycle Engine Tuning Options

If you have limited budget and looking for reliability we would recommend our customers to consider basic rebuild at least. This will increase performance, prevent some of the common engine failures and get the best out of your engine during the racing season.

We will automatically change all gaskets, v-stem seals, rod bolts, gearbox circlips, cam chain and piston rings on every rebuild.

Any parts worn inside the engine will be reported and priced before replaced.

You will also receive a detailed job sheet and costing sheet for every rebuild. You will also receive a running in sheet if you choose to run in your engine yourself.

We will return all worn and replaced parts back to you with your engine on collection.

We will also keep records of your engine rebuild under your engine number and your name. These records could then be provided as service history if you would like to sell or buy one of our engines in the future.