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  1. Brian says:

    I’ve made a few purchases from Extreme Engines. Each time I’m amazed buy the quality of the products an the customer service before and after my purchases plus the quick shipping to the USA. I look forward to buying here again in the future.

  2. Scott - Sports Racer Services says:

    Thank you Karl for the impeccable service and the highest quality race proven parts and engines.
    Looking forward to a great 2011.


  3. john dolphin says:

    thanks again karl for building me such a good engine service is second to none what you say is what you do and in the time frame you said facilitys in workshop very good also i would have no problems in recomending karl to building an engine for anyone
    thanks again

  4. Mail Man says:

    Hi Karl,
    Cheers for all the great info and work, the Busa pulls fantastic ! smooth as silk.
    Have taken note on all your tips and will keep to them. Top stuff !!
    All the best
    Mail man

  5. lee adams says:

    thanks Karl for building such an awsome engine,first time out. two ftd,s and a new class
    record at doune last weekend

  6. lee adams says:

    another fantastic result at prescott, thanks again karl for an awesome engine

    • Peter Radnall says:

      Karl – My 1299cc Hayabusa – thanks for re-building and increasing its capacity to 1397cc – its fantastic and congratulations on your workshops cleaner than an operating theatre – thanks again – regards Annette & Peter Radnall

  7. Carmen Kuczera says:

    Great job!
    A big thanks to you Karl who made it possible to send us an engine that fast.
    We’re very happy that there are people out there like you who are interested in their customers:)
    If we have any further questions we will ask you!
    Thanks for everything!

  8. STEVE GARNER says:

    Karl is a breath of fresh air in a market where very few suppliers are willing to listen and help with free, useful, no bullsh*t advice.
    Karl obviously enjoys and is passionate about what he does.
    I’d much rather spend my money with someone I like.
    Cheers mate.

  9. lee adams says:

    thanks again karl for supplying such an awsome engine . i never imagined we would get the results that we managed this year . 1st in class & no5 overall in the british . hope next years engine will be even better !!

  10. Vince Coombs says:

    Hi Carl

    Just wanted to say … Thankyou !!

    You striped and rebuilt my Hayabusa back in 2009 and it is still running like a dream in my Dax Rush Kit Car. I drove it from the Uk to Alicante, Spain, where we now live.

    It is such good weather that I drive it nearly every day throughout the year, and it brings so much fun to me and a lot of other people who see it.

    Hope business is still good for you. Keep up the brilliant work.


    Vince Coombs

  11. Mark Stanford says:

    Hi Karl
    I purchased the car in 2007 and was informed the engine was rebuilt in 2006
    by yourself, I have used the car in hills & sprints to this date and it has not missed a
    Only had to change the oil regularly, and a new set of plugs. 1st & 2nd placings and
    sprint record holder for the past 5 years.
    Great job Karl, maybe a nice new 1400 on the cards

  12. Finlay Whyte says:

    Hi Karl,

    Just a quick note to say my engine feels fantastic after your rebuild, great power low down and incredibly drivable! First event at Doune last weekend and set a new PB by over a second!

    Looking forward to a great season ahead!


  13. Steve Marr says:


    My engine is fantastic after your rebuild – sounds crisp and pulls well. Thanks again.
    Cheers, Steve

  14. Tony says:

    Hi Karl
    Just a quick note t0 let you know my engine feels very smooth, sharp and quick, looking forward to getting on track, thanks again for a great job and a very helpful, professional and friendly service

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